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[02.12.03] Bulletin Board was created in Miscellanea.
[02.12.03] Achievements was updated in Profile, Miscellanea.
[02.06.28] Links were changed in the top page.
[01.04.05] The reference of DTD was modified in the DOCTYPE declaration of this site.
[01.04.03] Profile was updated in Miscellanea.
>>> Software Development Studio
You can download software developed by myself, read the explanation for language C++ and C#, describe using Bulletin Board System (BBS) for developments, and so on. This page manages useful information for programming.
*** Visualized Analysis Software for Molecular Structures FXMOL in development!
Software Library | C++ Seminar | C# Seminar | Dev Board | Links
>>> Research
This page has summary and information about my research interests, pharmacy and computational science.
Summary | Links
>>> Miscellanea
There are my personal data on this page. Essays, bulletin board, my profile, links, and so on.
Essays | Board | Profile | Links
>>> Notice
References for this site and matters that require attention in reading. Please read this page at the first time for you.

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